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80024Support is unlike any customer care company you may have worked with before – in all the right ways.



  • Partnership-first perspective: It’s strategic outsourcing where YOU remain in the driver’s seat. We deliver results measured on your terms, not ours.

  • Our solutions adapt to YOU: Not the other way around. From social media to online chat, self-help portals to good old support phone lines manned by the best teams available around the world, you’ll get a custom strategy.

  • The Net Promoter Score approach: Our average client has an NPS of of 8.7 – and climbing. We use NPS turn customers into raving fans who experience the difference and are ready to recommend them.

  • Make your market grab: With us, you can stop waiting. Based on measured NPS scores, you’ll be in a position to innovate, grow, and go after your competitors’ market share.

  • Outsourcing experts: with decades of experience, we know how to manage budgets and risk.

  • Pay-as-you go solutions: pay only for what you need. Scale roles, budgets and capabilities when and if you want to.

  • Fully accountable and transparent: We stay up at night so that you do not have to.

  • Strategy first, operations next: We understand big picture business strategy, and everything we do for you is driven by it.

  • We are fun to work with: We love this stuff. Our passion for the magic of great customer care has led us to provide great solutions that drive real results for our customers – for nearly 30 years.

  • We are easy to work with: We seek to educate and deliver straightforward, smart business-case solutions for customers.  It all starts with one conversation.